About Our Juice Brush (Patented)

Our Living Juicy™ Juice Brush dispenses our custom Juices Directly to the scalp using patented rollerball technology... Very similar to a Ballpoint pen.  This process is very economical (a little goes a long way), which affords us to provide the finest natural ingredients as the amount utilised is minimal but highly effective!!! Our range is from Head Lice prevention to Leave-In Hair Conditioner & Fragrancing to Pet Flea Repellent and Fragrancing.

All of our Juices are made of 100% Natural Plant Based ingredients.

Our Juices are dispersed while combing our massaging Juice dispensing brush through the hair.  The hair roots absorb the Nutrients like a straw and within days you'll be amazed with the results of how your hairs feels/recovers.  Most importantly is that it prevents head-lice infestations which can save Families Hundreds of dollars and many hours removing head-lice.

Please note we sell our juice brush in conjunction with our Juices please look through our site to find out more.

We pride ourselves on customer services to ensure your purchase is great value and gives you the results you need.

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