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About Joe & Lawata

Living Juicy Founders

Meet Joe & Lawata Coote, the Owners & Founders of Living Juicy™ live in Dunedin and have four Children, Lawata is originally from Fiji and Joe was bred in the deep South.
Throughout their years, Lawata has dealt with damaged hair prevention due to hair treatments such as straightening and foils.  They have spent countless dollars on hair protection and recovery for Lawata.
Also part of being parents Joe & Lawata have constantly battled with head-lice as all of their children having the perfect hair for head-lice to thrive... Clean & Healthy!!!  Over the many years Joe and Lawata have treated their children for head-lice & nits as often as once every few weeks.  After trying everything on the market only to find the head-lice kept coming back! 
Eventually they created their own products and came up with the idea of using a juice dispensing brush to dispense their 100% Natural Products directly to where they're needed to promote healthy hair & remove head-lice and nits and prevent them coming back.  After having amazing results at home they started trials in Dunedin, with support of suffering locals.  The response from them was amazing.
From here Living Juicy™ was born & they launched their products to the open market.  Joe & Lawata do everything together and will continue to do so into the future as they are passionate about what they are doing because they know first-hand how time consuming, expensive & overall stressful having damaged hair & head-lice in the household can be for so many families.  They are determined to change this.