1. What sets your products apart from other products on the market?
    1. Our products are completely revolutionary in the way that hair, scalp and head-lice issues are dealt with on a long term basis that is cost efficient, absolutely minimal time needed to use, and it actually works as stated.
  2. How are your products cost efficient?
    1. Because of the minimal amount of juice dispersed with the patented Living Juicy™ Juice Dispensing Juice Brush the ongoing cost’s are so minimal and the Juice Brush is a 1 time purchase.
  3. How simple is it to use the juice brush?
    1. It’s so simple the kids can use it them themselves.  The one important thing to remember is use the Juice Brush on Dry hair only.
  4. I have lost my instructions that came with my delivery.  How do I get another copy
    1. For another copy of the instructions please contact us.  For any problems, queries or concerns please contact us by phone or email.
  5. Is Living Juicy™ truly 100% Kiwi owned?
    1. Yes it is true Living Juicy is 100% Kiwi owned.
  6. How do I know if the reviews are true?  
    1. All our reviews are true you can check out our Facebook page to confirm a lot of them www.facebook.com/livingjuicynz.
  7. It sounds too good to be true! How can I be sure it works as stated
    1. If the instructions are followed correctly we are so positive it will work, we will give you a money back 30day money back Guarantee!!!