Revive Juice Pack - Includes Living Juicy™ Revive Hair Conditioner & Brush

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Revive Juice 

It is part of our Luxury Leave-In Hair Conditioning Collection.  These are premium hair care products, better yet they are 100% Natural and Plant Based.

Used in conjunction with our patented Living Juicy™ Juice Brush (included) it is applied directly to the scalp using our revolutionary Juice Dispensing Bristle Tips and is absorbed by the hair roots and is revolutionary in it's delivery throughout the length of your hair follicles & you'll be amazed at the results!!!

If you have unhealthy, damaged, straightened or bleached hair then this is for you.  Our 100% Natural Plant Based Leave-In Hair Conditioner - Revive Juice contains Virgin Coconut Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil with essential oil of ylang ylang as a base tone to the all natural fragrance. Revive Juice is a leave-conditioner from a range like no other, reviving hair from the roots outwards.    

Moroccan Argan oil - Loaded with powerful Antioxidants, combined with fine molecules.  This is an amazing oil for reviving hair from the inside out, as our revolutionary Juice Brush disperses our Revive Juice directly to your scalp and is transferred from the roots to the tips... Just like a straw and then out beyond the outer layers of the hair follicles.  This method is extremely effective for repairing hair.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has been noted as an empowering fragrance as it is amazing and it can improve hair condition dramatically.

Virgin Coconut Oil is great to provide a base Aroma and protein to your hair also.

Sweet Almond Oil is a great quality oil derived from the Nuts of the almond tree.

All Living Juicy Juices and packaging are created right here in Aotearoa, Living Juicy Ltd supports local business in every aspect viably possible.

Your Revive Juice Pack includes:

1 x 30ml or 60ml of Living Juicy™ Revive Juice

1 x Patented Living Juicy™ Juice Brush

1 x Packaging and Instructions

    • Revive Juice Refills can be purchased separately.
    • Always follow the instructions & cautions that come with our products.
    • Our Revive Juice and Packaging is 100% Recyclable.