No-Flea - Kuri prevention Juice brush refill

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Kuri: Maori for Dog - is particularly for use on dogs 

60ml Kuri - No-Flea Juice Brush Refill

A dog is often referred to as a man's best friend.  So why not protect your dog with the best prevention products available.  Our homeopathic Kuri Juice is the simple and effective way of protecting your dog from fleas.

For your Dog this could last up to 12 months plus, depending on the size of your dog.

The main fragrance of Kuri Juice is Cedarwood, which is one of our active ingredients to repel fleas.  We also use other essential and carrier oils to assist in this process.

If you have concerns about your dog contracting fleas then this is the product for you.


Warning: not recommended for cats!


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