No-Flea - Dog Flea Prevention Starter Pack

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🌿  Finally a Natural Dog Flea Removal Solution  🌿

We can proudly say that we offer a natural, non-toxic and highly effective New Zealand made solution to keep your dog safe from fleas. Never worry about the side effects of the conventional solutions out there. Simply massage your dog with our revolutionary Juice Brush.

The package includes:

1 x Juice Dispensing Pet Brush

1 x 60ml of Dog No-Flea Juice

Natural Ingredients:

Essential oils of Tea Tree, Neem, Moroccan Argan, Cedarwood & Sweet Almond Oil.


Add your Living Juicy No-Flea juice to the brush and apply the juice to the skin of your dog. The patented rollerball technology assures an effective distribution to the skin plus a comfortable / massaging experience for your dog.


  • Naturally remove fleas instead of using a toxic solution
  • Essential oils are an excellent fur conditioning
  • Easy to use and your dog will love it
  • Econimical as you don't need a lot of juice
  • Living Juicy is 100% plant based. Hence, safe for the entire family (including the little ones)
  • Refills last a long time to keep ongoing costs to a minimum.
  • The "Patented Brush Bristle Technology" assures perfect application of juice and effectiveness.

Please note:

This particular product is not recommended for cats.  Please contact us for more details regarding cats and other animals such as horses.