No-Nit Removal Pack - 100% Plant Based

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An all natural option for removing head-lice & Nits(eggs).  60ml is enough for up to 6 doses.  Add as little as 10ml to usual conditioner in hair, leave in for 30 minutes and comb out the lice and nits(eggs) with the nit comb which is included in your combo. 

We pride ourselves on customer services to ensure your purchase is great value and gives you the results you need.


1) Breaks down the glue-like fixative that head-lice use to attach nits(eggs) to hair follicles for easy removal.  

2) No need to re-apply in 7 days (unless individual has an extreme infestation).

2) Great hair conditioning from the argan oil which works from the roots outwards.

3) Excellent hair de-tangling benefits.

4) Value for money, as little as $4.15 per dose ussually without the need to repeat in 7 days unlike other products.  Must be thorough in removal of egg's and lice.

5) Everything you need to remove head-lice (kutus) & nits (eggs).  

5) 100% Plant based - No nasty chemicals.

6) Highly effective.


No-Nit Head Lice Removal Conditioner Additives Ingredients:

Tea tree, neem, argan, cedarwood & Sweet Almond Oils.


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1 x 60ml of our 100% natural Living Juicy™ No-Nit Conditioning additive

1 x Nit Comb