No-Nit Removal Juice - Conditioner Additives- 100% Plant Based

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An all natural option for removing head-lice & Nits(eggs).  60ml is enough for up to 6 doses, double that for the 120ml.  Just add 10ml to usual conditioner in hair, leave in for 30 minutes and comb out the lice and nits(eggs) with a nit comb. 

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1) Additive breaks down the glue-like fixative that head-lice use to attach nits(eggs) to hair follicles for easy removal.  

2) No need to re-apply in 7 days (unless individual has an extreme infestation).

2) Great hair conditioning from the argan oil which works from the roots outwards.

3) Excellent hair de-tangling benefits.

4) Value for money without the need to repeat in 7 days.  Must be thorough with nit comb to get full benefits.

5) 100% Plant based - No nasty chemicals.

6) Highly effective.


No-Nit Head Lice Removal Conditioner Additives Ingredients:

Tea tree, neem, argan, cedarwood & Sweet Almond Oils.

Available in 60ml - enough for 6 people

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60ml of our 100% natural Living Juicy™ No-Nit Removal Juice Conditioning additive