No-Nit Removal & Prevention Triple Pack

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If your family currently have a head-lice infestation & are also concerned about future re-infestation in the future, then this is the package for you. Need another pack for another household, Try the twin pack & save!!!

With this package you will be able to remove current head lice infestations using the Living Juicy™ No-Nit Conditioning Juice and nit comb. You will also have the best protection against future head-lice infestations with the Living Juicy™ Juice Brush & No-Nit Prevention Juice. 

We pride ourselves on customer services to ensure your purchase is great value and gives you the results you need.


Triple Pack Includes:

3 x Living Juicy™ Juice Brush

3 x 60ml of our 100% natural Living Juicy™ No-Nit Prevention Juice

3 x 60ml of our 100% natural Living Juicy™ No-Nit Removal conditioning Juice

3 x Nit Comb




1) Additive breaks down the glue-like fixative that head-lice use to attach nits(eggs) to hair follicles for easy removal.  

2) No need to re-apply in 7 days (unless individual has an extreme infestation).

2) Great hair conditioning from the argan oil which works from the roots outwards.

3) Excellent hair de-tangling benefits.

4) Value for money without the need to repeat in 7 days. (must be thorough and Removal jus=ice will detach egg from hair follicles.

5) 100% Plant based - No nasty chemicals.

6) Highly effective.


1) No oily hair unlike repellent sprays, as No-Nit Juice is applied to the scalp where it's more effective.

2) Great hair conditioning from the Jojoba oil which works from the roots outwards.

3) Excellent hair de-tangling benefits.

4) Simple to use - kids can do it themselves in 10 seconds a day!

5) Minimal No-Nit Prevention Juice used per application, as little as 1 cent per application using the Juice Brush.

6) Never be infested with head lice again if used correctly.

7) Refills last a long time to keep ongoing cost to a minimum

8) Vegan friendly.

9) The "Patented Brush Bristle Technology" is the key!


No-Nit Removal Conditioning Juice:

Essential oils of Tea Tree, Neem, Moroccan Argan, Cedarwood & Sweet Almond Oil.

No-Nit Prevention Juice:

Essential oils of Tea tree, Neem, Jojoba, Lavender, Lemongrass & Sweet Almond Oil



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